Coach B’s Game Analysis |Darksyde vs. Philly Unkn

The purpose of this game analysis is to observe, acknowledge and grow!

1st Qtr 4:55 – Good floor spacing by guards the bigs should have been at the corner of the low blocks (a tad bit further away then their current position) in order to provide better floor spacing or one of the bigs should have went right corner instead of both bigs going directly under the goal.

1st Qtr 4:37 – These are the angles that PG’s look for players to see and take advantage of. I occasionally ramble to xBobbydigital_ to cut when he doesn’t see that there is a center in the middle of the floor. In this scenario modifiedchoke a.k.a Choke saw the read and made a great pass.

1st Qtr 4:28 – If you’ve never heard of the term “you reach I teach” just pause the game video at 4:28 in the 1st Quarter to get a solid visualization of what it looks like to your team to be placed out of position. 2k24 punishes very heavily for reaching..unless you have an extremely high steal ratio you are gambling every single time you press the steal button. It takes time to recover from missed steals and it also displaces the entire defense. (When Bobby reached Breaking had to help and then Calvalry had to rotate, etc. That one missed reached steal created openings in multiple spots on the floor.)

1st Qtr 4:14 & at 1st Qtr 3:56 it happens to us all but we’ve got to take advantage of moments that we are being double teamed and or avoid opportunities in which we attempt a shot over multiple defenders.