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Kings Of The Court (https://discord.com/channels/1170896281963597835/1170896877718343740)
Welcome to Kings of the Court Pro Am League!




$50 Buy In
2 Week Regular Season
CASHAPP: $H2KKEYZ (Please send proof of payment)

All fees will be going towards the pot and the development of the league.


  1. Send proof of roster and payment (once info is received the roster is locked in any additional players that are added to the roster that are not in the free agency in the discord will result in a $5 fee applied.)
  2. Each team must consist of no more than 10 players including captains.
  3. No player should be on multiple rosters and if found doing so, will result in immediate ban from league.
  4. Captains and Co-Captains are the only ones that are able to make trades, releases and signings which all must be done within the deadlines. (Deadlines will be announced within the duration of the league)
  5. Each team will have to meet the minimum game requirements to be considered for the playoffs (15)
  6. All league communications must be done through the discord
  7. HOME JERSEYS must consist of either white or light gray. AWAY JERSEYS must consist of a color no white or light gray jerseys
  8. Lag-outs! (Goes for the playoffs as well) 1st half lag outs are reset with spread if necessary but proof has to be shown. You will play the 2 quarters over. 2nd half lag-outs are to be played, if not it will result in a forfeit. Each team has 2 lag-outs per game after that game has to be played or it will result in a forfeit
  9. When you win a game, post the proper screenshot of the game of all gamer tags if you fail to do so that game will not count( so make sure you get a screenshot of every game you win)
  10. Once a trade is done between two teams there is no backing out of the trade

G-League Pro Am (https://discord.com/channels/1135397419014692876/1135400981396467754)
Rules-? Not posted yet

ProAm 5on5 League (https://discord.com/channels/1048198923208114207/1129017276306305085)

  1. PRO AM 5V5 LEAGUE, the most authentic 5V5 experience! Here’s what you need to know:
    1. One Archetype Rule: We bring realism and strategy to the game. You can only play with one Archetype, so choose wisely!
    1. Free Agent or Bring Your Own Team: You can register as a FREE AGENT and showcase your skills to prospective team owners. Alternatively, if you already have a squad, bring your own team and compete for glory.
    1. Leave Your Mark: Join us and make your name in the PRO AM 5V5 history books. It’s not just a league; it’s an opportunity to elevate your game and career.

DCL (https://discord.com/channels/1112660861866213440/1112873599280349254)

**1. If within the first 1 minute of the of any quarter a player lags out the quarter will restart no point spread will be played, only after the first minute if a player lags out the spread will be enforced. Rule is enforced for any quarter MUST SHOW PROOF OF LAG OUT or it will result in a ff or suspension of the player

  1. If you’re midway through a quarter and a player lags out a spread will be enforced and you will only play half of the quarter or if there was only a minute left in the quarter the rule applies. ONLY way you can reset and play the full quarter is only if both team agrees to do so
  2. If the game is With in 10 pts in the 3rd or 4th .

A player lags out , the 1 quarter spread MUST be played..

A Player lags out a SPREAD MUST BE PLAYED. If You don’t quit you will FORFIET your right to the spread
BUT IF minute hasn’t passed then**

  1. No Account sharing will receive ff for it automatically
  1. Team must have 10 man Roster ❗️
  1. 20 minute grace period from locked game time, fail to Load = FF
  1. One member on each team must be steaming the game drop it in the stream tab ❗️
  1. Winner must take ss of box score and drop it in the tab saying Team A over Team B❗️
  1. Players can get a force released only if it’s agreed on by the player who wants it
  1. Must Lock a time for games
    1. Playoffs will run with a format of best of 3 Championship will be best of 5.
  2. [11:31 AM]
    1. Once you have a locked in game time you can only reschedule if the opposing team agrees, if they don’t it’s an automatic ff w
  3. [11:31 AM]
    1. Keeping active is important, Teams that are not playing or not on pace to completing their games will be removed from the league

Wr Pro – https://wrleague.gg/
Rules: https://unifiedproam.gg/community/rules/