There’s A Lessoned Learned From Each Loss | Maine Misfit Toys vs ButtMunch3rs

*****2nd Qtr: 4:25 (Score 14-14) Kobe is getting backed down from the 3point line. I’m assuming Kobe doesn’t have interior defense. At the moment when a backdown looked inevitable a switch may have helped.
*****2nd Qtr: 3:49 Kobe missed a steal and was outplaced towards the center of the court instead of guarding corner opponent scored 3
*****2nd Qtr: 3:04 Alley Oop converted for 2 from Sams hash. (that was thrown from a foot behind the other hash..literally
*****2nd Qtr: 2:50 If you pause the transition break at this moment you’ll see Bobby should have picked up the ball handler, Kobe the guy on the left , gamer the corner and Sam the hash…. pick the man closest to you in transition…when in doubt talk. this led to another 2 points and another alley oop.
*****2nd Qtr 2:33 (score 23-16) – A parallel pass was made that led to a turn over. Which led to another alley oop. Parallel passes are the worse passes in 2k, real life basketball and real life soccer… diagonal passes > parallel passes.
*****2nd Qtr: 1:27 – We are in the 3-2 , we got beat though the middle ..technically the right corner should have met the driver and the hash drop to protect his corner but IMO Kobe did the right thing by just watching and protecting against the 3 considering that even if he would have contested the odds of him stopping the PG are slim. Breaking did the right thing by being the last line of defense on the court but the amount of space on the opposite side of the court required for the hash to drop to Breaking’s corner is the size of the Nile River. Perhaps 3-2 wasn’t a good choice? Should Bobby have followed the PG?
*****2nd Qtr 1:17 – we have to remain conscious of floor spacing. Sam set a screen here and Bobby either was waiting for me to call plays or he may have been sleep..either way that limited our options on the court since we have two people standing in one place.
*****2nd Qtr 1:12 – 1:06 Bad transition defense. Bobby should have went to corner but he was gone off the fast break.
*****2nd Qtr 0:53 (Score 33:18) OG turnover with breaking open in the corner led to 3 points. (improve ballhandling & do not ever pick magic johnson again)
Just for the record we had a great defensive rotation in the 3-2 right before the half I didn’t save it for editing purposes but it looked as if we “woke up” on defense.

Full Game:

*****Lessons Learned*****
1. Hashes – Your corner is your battle buddy. Communicate with your corner constantly.
2. Do not reach! The odds of you reaching and being outplaced for 1-2 seconds is greater than the odds of you getting the steal. Please do not play Russian Roulette with our team.
3. Our 3-2 beats their 2-3. i.e. 2 shooters in the hash and point in middle or center at free throw and two shooters at hash.
4. If the ball handler is on the right side watch the cuts coming from the left… If the ball handler is on the left side watch the cuts coming from the right.
5. The press on a PG and a lock are important in Pro Am.
6. Box out! Find a body every single time the shot goes up.
Opinion: we either need an on-ball lock or i need to go with 2klabs recommended PG build which gives me better on ball D.
7. OG should NEVER equipment the magic Johnson dribble style…apparently it’s super slow (confirmed via YouTube tutorials) Sheesh!